10 IF weight loss techniques that get results faster than you think

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Any young woman who is in the period of losing weight like IF if you want to lose weight faster than you think. And safe for the body Today, we have 10 techniques that help weight loss like IF or Intermittent Fasting see results faster than you think. Share them so they can be applied.

10 IF weight loss techniques that get results faster than you think

1. Start doing IF after dinner.
Initially, choose to fasting after dinner because fasting is an important part of weight loss. It will help to manage hunger well. But at the same time for girls with a lifestyle that works at night May not be suitable for fasting after dinner. Therefore, it is best to fast during the time when the UFABET body is resting.

2. Drink a lot of water.
drinking lots of water especially after waking up It is advisable to drink a large glass of clean water. will help quench your thirst and help relieve the feeling of hunger very well Importantly, it also helps the body feel refreshed as well.

3. Drink Calorie Free Drinks
Calorie-free beverages include black coffee, herbal teas, sugar-free, and mint water. or plain soda which these drinks contribute to quenching thirst and helps reduce appetite as well Caffeine stimulates the body’s alertness as well. Considered as boosting the functioning of the metabolic system.

4. control diet
Diet control is to focus on eating good protein foods, good fats and green leafy vegetables. Along with avoiding eating carbohydrates and sugar if the girls can control their diet well. It will have a better effect on doing IF even more.

5. Exercise before the first meal.
before eating the first meal of the day It is recommended to exercise first. This method will help you lose weight faster. Because the body is able to use more fat accumulation.

6. Keep moving often.
frequent movements It will help make IF work faster than you think. And it is also another option for girls. who doesn’t like exercise Therefore, if choosing to lose weight by doing IF, it is recommended to keep moving often. It will help burn the accumulated fat very well.

7. Play weight training.
after eating the last meal It is recommended to play weight training. This helps prevent muscle loss from weight loss as well. However, doing weight training also helps the body burn more as well.

8. Get used to it.
Getting used to here means getting used to hunger. Always try to think that the more hungry you are, the more your body will be able to use the accumulated fat for energy. The higher the chances of weight loss.

9. Use the application
using the application is another helper to make girls can control the time of fasting well Because in the application, it will tell you the moment when the body starts to use the accumulated fat as energy if the girls are accidentally discouraged by dieting. You can open the app and see the results of your IF getting better and better.

10. Increase the intensity of doing IF.
In case of doing IF, the weight still doesn’t decrease. It is recommended to increase the intensity of doing IF by increasing the duration of Fasting for a longer time, for example, from using the 8/16 formula, it may be switched to the 5/19 formula, etc., however, it should look at the readiness of the body. as well

For young people who are impatient If you want weight loss by doing IF to see results faster than you think, try using the 10 techniques mentioned above to try and apply them. But should look at the readiness of the body as well. in order not to cause harm to physical health