Notice! What kind of bump-rash? It is suspected that it is a symptom of “monkeypox”.

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Smallpox is a disease caused by a virus orthopoxvirus. It is a rare contagious disease between animals and people. This disease is found mainly in central and western Africa. The monkeypox virus is a strain of virus that is similar to the virus that causes smallpox in humans and cowpox. Especially monkeys and many types of rodents such as rats, squirrels, rabbits, etc.

Notice! What kind of bump-rash? It is suspected that it is a symptom of "monkeypox".

What kind of bump-rash? Suspected symptoms of monkeypox

The appearance of the rash will start with round red spots. After that, the rash will turn into clear blisters and then turn into pustules. And become scabs later on. Which the rash has clear fluid-filled blisters and pustules is the period during. Which the infection can be transmitted at its highest. If the rash has started to scab over. The rash of monkeypox reaches deep into the inner layers of the skin. This causes lesions or scars to form after the rash scabs over. 

Smallpox symptoms in humans

  1. Have a fever, chills
  2. Headache, sore throat, enlarged lymph nodes
  3. muscle pain, back pain
  4. tired
  5. After about 1-3 days, a rash will appear on the arms, legs, genitals, face, or body.
  6. The rash turns into pustules.
  7. In the final stage, the pustules are covered with scabs and fall off.

The patient shows symptoms of monkeypox. Approximately 12 days after infection

When you find yourself having a fever There is a rash that looks like this. Related to foreigners Close contact with a suspected smallpox patient Including having sex with strangers. You should see a doctor for a thorough examination. and receive proper treatment