Match: [ Brasilero Siribi ] Goias vs Operario Ferroviario

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Match: [ Brasilero Siribi ] Goias vs Operario Ferroviario

Race time : Friday 30 July 2021 02:00

Open rating: Goias vs 0/0.5 at Estádio da Serrinha.

The last meeting, including all items,
never met

Overall results of the host
BRA D2 24/07/21 Ponte Preta 2-1
21/07/21 Botafogo (RJ) 0-2
Goias BRA D2 18/07/21
Goias 0-0 Londrina BRA D2 15/07/21 Centro Sportivo Alagoeno 0-1
10/07/21 Goias 0-1 Nautico
BRA D2 04/07/21 Vitoria BA 1-1
Goias BRA D2 01/07/21 Goias 1-0 Vasco da Gama
BRA D2 26/06/21 Vila Nova 0- 0
Goias BRA D2 23/06/21 Goias 3-0 Ava
BRA D2 19/06/21 Brazil de Pelotos 2-1 Goias

Overall results of the visiting team
BRA D2 26/07/21 Opera Rio Rio Farrow Appia 1-0 gorilla Curitiba,
23/07/21 R. White 1-0 operas Rio Farrow Appia Rio
BRA D2 18/07/21 Opera Rio. Ferroviario 0-2 Centro Sportivo Alagoeno
14/07/21 Londrina 1-2
Operario Ferroviario BRA D2 10/07/21 Operario Ferrovia 2-1 Brazil de Pelotos
BRA PR 07/ 07/21 Operario Ferroviario 1-1 Londrina
BRA D2 03/07/21 Nautico 5-0
Operario Ferroviario BRA D2 29/06/21 Opera Rio
Ferroviario 1-2 Vila Nova BRA D2 26/06/21 Opera Rio Ferrovia 0-0
Confianga BRA D2 23/06/21 Ponte Prae Eyes 0-0 Operario Ferroviario

Probability :

Goyas, the form of play is still very uncertain. They have only found victory in two of their six games on the pitch, and the defensive line remains a strong point. The offensive line is quite a problem to shoot each ball on the Opera Rio Ferroviario. pretty good Wins 4 out of 5 matches played, the offensive line scores 7 goals, concedes 3 goals, very confident. The two teams have never met on the field before. Played in Goias’ nest today, but not better than the away team. The open price rate is given to the visitors to continue to invade 0/0.5 press continue. definitely not disappointed

Expected match result: Goias 2-1
Open rate: Goias 0/0.5
Confidence: 7/10