Match: [Russian Premier League] CSKA Moscow vs Lokomotiv Moscow

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Match: [Russian Premier League] CSKA Moscow vs Lokomotiv Moscow

Race time: Saturday, July 31, 2021 00:00 hrs .

Open Rate: The SKF Moscow 0 / 0.5 Sports Arena CSKA.

Last meeting of all events
RUS CUP 21/04/21 Lokomotiv Moscow 3-0 CSKA Moscow
RUS D1 27/02/21 Lokomotiv Moscow 2- 0 CSKA Moscow
27/09/20 CSKA Moscow 0-1 Lokomotiv Moscow
RUS D1 17/07/20 Lokomotiv Moscow 2-1 CSKA Moscow
28/07/19 CSKA Moscow 1-0 Lokomotiv Moscow
RUS D1 20/04/19 Lokomotiv Moscow
Sko 1-1 CSKA Moscow RUS D1 07/10/18 CSKA Moscow 0-1 Lokomotiv Moscow
RUS SC 28/07/18 Lokomotiv FC Moscow 0-0 CSKA Moscow
05/11/17 Lokomotiv Moscow 2-2 CSKA Moscow
RUS D1 22/07/17 CA SKA Moscow 1-3 Lokomotiv Moscow

Overall performance of the host
RUS D1 26/07/21 CSKA Moscow 1-0 FC Ufa
INT CF 19/ 07/21 CSKA Moscow 2-1 FK Nizhny Novgorod
13/07/21 Zlatte Moravse 0-2 CSKA Moscow
INT CF 09/07/21 Trekwaller Admira 0-1 CSKA Moscow
05/07/21 CSKA Moscow 0-1 Copenhagen
INT CF 27/06/21 Kappenburg 0-1 CSKA Moscow
23/06/21 Wiener Neustadt 1-3 CSKA Moscow
RUS D1 16/05/21 Dinamo Moscow 3-2 CSKA Moscow
09/05/21 CSKA Moscow 3-1 Krasnodar
FK RUS D1 01/05/21 CSKA Moscow 1-1 FC Ufa

Portfolio by Away Team
RUS D1 25/07/21 Lokomotiv Moscow 3-1 Arsenal
Tula RUS SC 17/07/21 Zenit St. Petersburg 3-0 Lokomotiv Moscow
INT CF 12/07/21 Lokomotiv Moscow 1-2
FK Rostov INT CF 11/07/21 Lokomotiv Moscow 1-0 NK Selje
INT CF 09/07/21 TSV Hartberg 0-1 Lokomotiv Moscow
08/07/21 Aris FC(N) 2-1 Lokomotiv Moscow
INT CF 05/07/21 Krakow Krakow 2-2 Lokomotiv Moscow
03/07/21 Rapid Vienna(N) 0-0 Lokomotiv Moscow
INT CF 26/06/21 Lokomotiv Moscow 6-1
Olympic Ljubjana INT CF 23/06/21 Lokomotiv Moscow(N) 3-2 MSK SI Lina

Probability :

CSKA Moscow’s performance in the latter half is quite fresh. They have won 4 consecutive games in a row. The offensive line is very good. Defensiveness can be played with solidity. In the Lokomotiv Moscow, the results are not certain. Collected only one win from the past 3 games, the defensive line scored 6 goals, ranked 4th in the table. The statistics of the away team are clearly superior. Lokomotiv Moscow came out to play outside the nest, but there was nothing inferior to the locals at all. The price rate is open to the host to 0/0.5. Press the second without thinking at all.

Expected match result: Lokomotiv Moscow 1-1
Open rate: CSKA Moscow 0/0.5
Confidence: 7/10