Sir Alex gave his first interview about his role in bringing Cristiano Ronaldo back to Manchester United.

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Sir Alex Ferguson has revealed the details of Cristiano Ronaldo’s return to Manchester at Old Trafford. Lester United again

by Sir Alex, who is seen as the key to this team move. Has come in as one of the people who would like to see Ronaldo’s performance in the stands in Manchester United‘s 4-1 home win over Newcastle United last weekend. has revealed that “A lot of people do their jobs, I just let Cristiano know we really want him here.”

“And that’s very important. it went well I wouldn’t say it’s all about emotions. But it’s exciting and a relief, very relieved. I can’t really picture him playing with Manchester City. That’s why we made sure he came here. Follow him all the clubs I have spoken to Glazer, and it was done “

the way Ronaldo has also spoken to Sir Alex Ferguson’s father in his football uniform. In his first interview after moving back to Manchester United“Everyone knows that Ever since I signed for Manchester United at the age of 18, Sir Alex Ferguson has been key to me. Sir Alex Ferguson has been my father in football. He helped me in many things. taught me many things In my opinion, he plays an important role because of the relationship between us. We keep in touch And he is an incredible person.”