Hendo reveals he may call Gerrard ahead of this week’s Champions League final

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Liverpool captain Jordan Henderson has revealed. He may phone former Reds captain Steven Gerrard ahead of Sunday’s final Premier League game to decide the title.

 Jordan Henderson joked that he might callformer Liverpool team-mate Steven Gerrard. Before the trip to Manchester City in the final game of Aston Villa, if the Reds want to take the Premier League title away from Pep Guardiola ‘s team, they need a lot of help from the team. Gerrard in the match at the Etihad Stadium for Liverpool to win the title they have to beat Wolves at Anfield. And hopefully Villa can take the points from the reigning champions.

          Gerrard never won a league title during his time at Merseyside. But he could become the kingmaker or the destiny of the championship team on the final day of the season, and Henderson joked that he might call an old friend to remind him of what he’s betting on. Are you on this weekend?

          “We used to have this. [Want Man City to lose] first when they play against Brighton,” Henderson told Sky Sports . “The crowd cheers and you know what happened – it’s hard to focus on the game.” “But hopefully from that experience We have learned from it. And we can concentrate on the game and focus on what we have to do. Hopefully Stevie and Villa can help us at City!” When asked if he would call the previous Liverpool captain, he replied: “Maybe, I might actually call now!”

Former Aston Villa forward Gabriel Agbonlahor has admitted he will call Gerrard. if he was in Henderson’s position “I wouldn’t be surprised if a player like Jordan Henderson sent a message to Steven Gerrard,” Agbonlahor told talk SPORT . they used to play together They may still be talking. If I were Jordan Henderson, I’d text Stevie G something like ‘ Please, help us on Sunday. But Gerrard wants to help Liverpool. He’s not going to take the team to the beach on Sunday. He will prepare them for this.”

Liverpool  fans can only hope their former players Philippe Coutinho and Danny Ings can play a big part at the Etihad Stadium, while Gerrard will . As a sideline game commander, Henderson also spoke of supporting Mason Mount, who missed a penalty in the FA Cup final. On Saturday, May 14, 2022 ago

          The 23-year-old Chelsea goalkeeper Alisson Becker saved his shot in the Sadden Death and cost Konstantinos Simikas . The hero of the team that scored the winning goal for Liverpool to win the title back on Merseyside. After the match , Henderson consoled the deeply grieving Mount and the Reds captain received overwhelming admiration for his demeanor.

          “That’s always a big thing for me,” Henderson told Sky Sports . “You have to respect your opponent. Especially with players playing together in your national team. You know how good they are and how good they are. especially in the penalty shootout It’s never good for someone who makes a mistake. He probably wouldn’t want me in. But I just wanted to give him a little encouragement. Because he is a top player, a good boy and he is very young. He will be successful and receive a lot of praise. And I’m sure he’ll be back. and when he gets another chance He can step up and pass the ball over the UFABET net.”